Epidrum - What Is It?

Epidrum is an optimal, constant, low pressure LOR device to facilitate epidural procedures. Interposed between needle and syringe, the device is charged with air to expand its diaphragm. When the needle is advanced, the sudden collapse of the diaphragm signals the needle's penetration into the epidural space, providing a highly specific, positive and visual confirmation that the endpoint has been reached.

How It Works

Epidrum - Exploded View

Epidrum replaces the LOR syringe as a means of identifying the epidural space whilst performing epidural anaesthesia.

When inflated and connected to the epidural needle, it operates at a high enough pressure to discharge into the epidural space but a low enough pressure to minimise leak into the patient's tissues.

This optimal pressure is generated by the thin diaphragm on top of the device that acts rather like the meniscus of a manometer, allowing the operator to interpret needle tip position.

By uncoupling the means of advancement from the means of epidural space detection, the Epidrum offers the following benefits:

  1. two hands on needle improve control of depth, direction and speed of insertion
  2. visual signal more readily interpreted and can be supervised
  3. continuous pressure in device gives the quickest possible signal change
  4. in the future Epidrum may allow use of smaller gauge needles.